• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland


    Applications shall be decided on within 15 calendar days of the date of the lodging of an application.


    According to the amendment to the Act on Foreigners which came into force on 27th April 2019, one of the most important change is the decision period of up  to 60 days  to proceede D type national visa applications of the following categories of applicants:

    1.      Students (including Erasmus+ and preparatory);

    2.      Interns;

    3.      Volunteers;

    4.      Scientists.


    Consul, provided necessary, may ask the applicant to submit other documents than the ones mentioned above as well as request the applicant to come to an interview.


    Application form has to be filled out clearly and completely with Latin letters with the use of typewriter, PC or with hand without any corrections or crossing-outs. Data in the form has to be the same with the data in the passport.


    All questions in the form have to be answered. In case there is no answer please cross out the blank.


    Upon not submitting all required documentation, filling the form incompletely or wrongly with corrections or crossing-outs (including the use of TIP-EX), the application will not be accepted for processing.


    Applicant's passport is required to be valid three months longer than the last planned day of stay in Poland. Passports which validity is shorter will not be accepted for processing.


    A foreigner is obliged to leave Poland before their visa expires or upon using up the total amount of days of stay mentioned on the visa.



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