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    MERCEDES – Benz E 280


    Public Tender Notice

    Model: 2008

    Engine: 2996 cm3

    Gear type: Otomatic (7 G-Tronic)

    Mileage: 134 850 km

    Color: Metallic black
    Accessories: AC, air bags, electronic windows, CD radio, MP3


    The commencement of tender offer is: 7 100,- USD


    The vehicle could be seen on 4th of December, 7th of December, 12th of December and 14th of December 2017 and between 10:00 – 14:00 hours at Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Atatürk Bulvarı 241.


    The precondition to join the tender is to make down payment of 710,- USD to the Embassy. The down payments of the ones whose offers were not awarded will be refunded in 7 days following the selection of the offer. In the case of awarded bidder retracts from contracting the sales agreement, this down payment will not be refunded. The down payment made will be exempted from the price of the car.


    The written offers should be placed in closed envelopes. The offer should comprise the following:


    1. The name, surname or commercial title (name of the firm) and the address of the bidder.
    2. The amount of price offered, payment conditions
    3. A written declaration of the bidder, stating that the bidder takes the responsibility of being acquainted of the conditions of the car and being renounced of examining the vehicle.


    The offers should be submitted to the Polish Embassy until 15th of December 2017  to the address below:


    Ms. Ewa Horoszewicz

    Embassy of the Republic of Poland

    Atatürk Bulvarı No: 241

    “It is a tender offer. Do not open” should be written on the envelope


    The tender envelopes will be opened on 18th of December 2017

    Offer will be refused if the commencement of tender is less than stated amount.

    The Embassy contacts directly with the highest bidder. 

    The bidder whose offer was awarded has to make the payment in 3 days.

    Embassy of the Republic of Poland reserves the right to postpone the deadline for offers or to cancel the tender without any excuse by awarding none of the bidders.

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